-All combo, jazz, pom, & tumbling classes must wear STRICTLY dancewear. This means leotards, tights, shorts, etc. absolutely no t-shirts, sweats, or other baggy attire. Clothing that covers the knees is not permitted. You can purchase dancewear at dance supply shops or online at Discount Dance. The teacher code for Carlisle is 101952 or enter Kendra Mestdagh on

-Hair must be pulled back.

-Boys may wear a t-shirt & gym shorts or sweats for all classes. NO JEANS OR KHAKIS.

-Ballet Tech must wear a black leotard and pink tights ONLY. Absolutely no exceptions!

If you are not following the dress code you will be asked to sit out. Your third time breaking dress code, you will be sent home. PLEASE LABEL ALL SHOES, DANCE BAGS, ETC WITH YOUR DANCER’S NAME!




Students are expected to have the appropriate shoes for each class. SHOES FOR PICTURES & RECITAL MUST BE THE EXACT SYLES & COLORS WE HAVE SELECTED. All students will need to have their required shoes by JANUARY 1st, 2016. This gives students’ feet time to “break in” the shoe before pictures and recital, not to mention lessen stress caused by procrastination for both your family and our teachers! We have a great setup on where you can go directly to our studio’s class lists and purchase all of the correct shoes and other dance attire. On the main page select ‘Dance Teacher Program’ in the upper right-hand corner. Enter Kendra Mestdagh or teacher code 101952 in the students’ search box and it should take you right to our lists where you can then select your class and see everything we have recommended for you. You can also use our code: TP101952 during checkout for 10% off your first order!

Babies, Primary, & Petite Combo: Mary Jane style taps in TAN, pink leather ballet slippers

Junior & Preteen Combo: Jazz taps in BLACK (ties or elastic), split sole leather ballet slippers, Bloch SuperJazz in TAN

Ballet Tech: Capezio Cobra leather ballet slippers

Pom: Bloch SuperJazz in TAN

Contemporary: Foot thongs (optional)

Acro/Tumble Tots: No shoes (barefoot)

Just Jazz: Bloch SuperJazz in TAN

Mini Hip Hop & Hip Hop: Any clean sneakers are acceptable for practice, requirement for recital selected by DEC 1st

Mini Pom & Pom: Bloch SuperJazz in TAN

Boys’ Styles: black ballet shoes, black jazz taps, black Bloch SuperJazz jazz shoes




-Be on time. Everyone should be on time to allow for proper stretching and conditioning. If for some reason you are late and miss the warm-up, please stretch out quickly and thoroughly on your own time before joining with the class.

-No chewing gum. Please dispose of it BEFORE class time.

-Please bring dance bags only into studio during combo classes for shoe changes.

-Turn off all cell phones.

-No food allowed past studio door. Only drinks that have lids are permitted ANYWHERE inside D2X.

-No touching the mirrors.

-No hanging on barres.

-No sitting or jumping on props/mats.

-No jewelry.

-No running or rowdy play.-No sitting while in class (unless instructed to do so).

-Raise your hand to talk.

-Please use the restroom BEFORE coming to class! Due to location of the shared bathroom, dancers should only go between classes. Please do not disrupt class to use restroom.

-Clean up after yourself. Please correctly dispose of any trash and put magazines, books, etc. Back where they were found. This is YOUR dance studio, so please do your part of taking care of it in order to keep it looking nice.

-No tumbling, running, or other horseplay allowed in lobby.




-A newsletter will be EMAILED monthly. All parties’ performances, deadlines, and other important info will always be on there. Please keep us current with any email changes and be sure dance emails are not being sent to your spam folder. All newsletters will also be posted on the website.

-D2X offers a 9 month dance year. We make every attempt to hold every scheduled class; however, weather may make it unsafe to pen the studio. Please check the website for postings, all cancellations will be posted on the home page of our Carlisle site. You can also call the studio for a recorded message or email us at We will mostly stick with the school on cancellations unless the weather and roads have drastically improved. All decisions will be made by 4:00 PM and a mass email will be sent out at that time.

-The studio is open for all holidays except Halloween (Beggar’s Night), Thanksgiving weekend, Winter Break, Easter, and Spring Break. Make-up classes may be held during Winter Break or Spring Break.




It is extremely important to us that every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential. In order to accomplish this, distractions must be held to a minimum. To insure that every student has the opportunity to learn, students will be asked to adhere to the D2X Dancers’ Etiquette Policy, which will be sent home & discussed during the first week of classes. The education of a child must be cooperative venture between parents and their instructors. WE will not put up with bullying of any kind. Students may be removed from class and/or studio events if the student becomes uncooperative. Etiquette policy is also in effect in the lobby.




-There is an annual registration fee due for each student. This includes a D2X 2015-2016 tshirt and holds the spot in class. The registration fee and first month’s tuition must be paid in full upon registering.

-Tuition and all fees are due the first lesson of each month. A late fee will be assessed to ANY fees (not just tuition) that are not paid by the 10th day of each month. Classes will be suspended for students who fall more than two months behind on payments. Tuition can be paid monthly, in quarters, or entirely.

– There is a fee for all returned checks.

-Costume deposits are due at the end of Oct. Remaining costume balances will be issued February 1st and are due March 1st.

-Recital fees are due April 1st.

-All unpaid fees must be paid in full before receiving costumes. Optional fundraisers are always available to help with costs of costumes or any other fees, please see the front desk if you are interested.

-No credit will be given to any student for missed classes or absences. It will also not be given for time off due to Holidays.

-All dues, once paid, are non-refundable.

-Students must remain in class to participate in recital. If a student drops a class for any reason, an official drop notice must be completed or the account will continue to be billed.

-Please phone or email the studio if your child is sick or unable to attend class for any reason. Only TWO excused absences will be permitted for eligibility for Perfect Attendance award at recital.