Be extraordinary. Be innovative. Be courageous. Be inspired.
Be yourself.

We believe that DANCE 2 XTREME has been successful because of our continuing quest to better our program and ourselves as educators. We pride ourselves on our professional, drama free, inspiring, and fun atmosphere and understand that each child learns differently. For this reason, our staff is trained to teach the same skills in different ways and always think outside the box. We’re not all born with rhythm, the ability to continually count music, or perfect turn out and at DANCE 2 XTREME that doesn’t make you any less of a dancer. The amount of tricks in your repertoire takes a backseat to your ability to DANCE and express emotions through movement. Improv is a very important skill for dancers that is not focused on enough in most studios, however is implimented in all of our classes here at D2X, despite age or experience. It is our personal obligation to develop healthy, disciplined dancers and tumblers by providing a quality education and instilling creativity, confidence, and passion in each of our students.

DANCE 2 XTREME opened it’s doors in Lake City in the fall of 2005 and Carlisle in August of 2012. Over the years, we have aquired many overall high point honors, choreography awards, and titles in competitions around the midwest, but more importantly we have built a following of strong and beautiful artists that have found “home” in dance. We are a member of the National Dance Education Organization and our staff continues to further their knowledge by regularly attending classes, conventions and conferences all across the US. We offer a safe place, free of judgement, for all of our students and hope to provide the understanding that dance is about more than just steps, it serves as a deep connection sole to soul. Our family has built this studio, and this studio is our family.