Our program was designed to start children off with a solid classical tap and ballet foundation and work them into the other styles and trends of dance. Children under the age of 8 have the choice to participate in tap & ballet combo class and/or tumbling. At the age of 8, jazz is introduced and implemented into combo classes and dancers have the choice of pom and/or hip hop classes as well. By the time the dancer reaches the age of 12, all classes are chosen a la carte style. Contemporary and pointe (at teacher’s discretion) become available at this age. Listed below are all styles of dance available to the D2X student.

TAP All ages. Available in combo or as a 12 & up single class.

BALLET All ages. Available in combo or as a 12 & up single class.

Ages 8 & up. Available in combo or single classes.

BALLET TECHNIQUE Ages 10 & up. Class focuses solely on technique and does not perform at recital.

Ages 12 & up. Elements of modern, lyrical, & jazz techniques fused together to make an impact in the most subtle and pedestrian ways.

POINTE Available only to serious students ages 12 & up who have studied ballet for a minimum of 5 years and are currently enrolled in two ballet classes. Teacher referral necessary.

POM Ages 8 & up. Class works on pom, jump & stunt technique.

HIPHOP Ages 8 & up.

TUMBLING All ages. Classes divided by skill level.

AGES 3 TO 11

D2X Babies (T/B) / 45 min

Primary (T/B) Kind/PreK / 45 min

Petite (T/B) 1st grade / 45 min

Junior (T/B/J) 2nd – 3rd / 1:00 hr

Preteen (T/B/J) 4th – 6th / 1:15 min

Acro* / 45 min (Tumble Tots & Acro 1 / 30 min)

Pointe+ / 30 min


Cheer / 45 min

Hip Hop / 30 min

Just Jazz / 45 min

Acro* / 45 min

AGES 12 & UP

Sr Jazz / 45 min

Sr Tap / 30 min

Sr Ballet / 45 min

Contemporary / 45 min

Hip Hop / 45 min

Ballet Tech^ / 45 min

COMPANY CLASSES (By audition only)

Mini– 1 hr

Petite & Jr– 1:15 min

Int– 1:30 min

Sr– 1 hr

Team Tech– 45 min


(T/B) – Tap & Ballet, (T/B/J) – Tap, Ballet, & Jazz
*Placement by ability          ^Non-performance class
+Placement by teacher discretion only. Must also be registered in two weekly ballet classes.