CONGRATULATIONS! Remember, we will be holding a makeup audition for people that were unable to attend this past weekend, so we will not be grouping dancers into companies until then. Please send in your June deposits and we will keep you updated on intensives.
Mini Company
Ellie Kent
Kamdin Olberding
Analeigh Schrad
Petite Company
Zoe Bruning
Riley Jacobs
Raygin Olberding
Mylie Schumacher
Lydia Thompson
Junior Company
Madison Collison
Ella Duncan
Malin Henry
Mollie Monahan
Ashley Schleisman
Lizzy Scholtens
Kitty Smith
Intermediate Company
Catie Collison
Morgan Henry
Mackenzie Monahan
Mikayla Monahan
Senior Company
Hannah Duncan
Kennadie Dowling
Haley Schumacher
Hallie VanMeter
Raegan Welander
Gracie Hoyle